5 Short Cuts That Hurt Your Roof

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22 February 2016, Comments: 0

Roofing is an art. It takes training and expertise to install it properly. Contractors who don’t know what they are doing take short cuts to either save time or to effort. Here’s what to watch out for when you choose someone else besides John Beal.

1. Adding layers

Adding layers is the biggest scam in the roofing industry. You hire a contractor to provide you a new roof, but they just install one layer of roof over another. Often contractors get away with this by replacing the edge of the roof and making it look clean when you’re not looking. This causes the shingles to age prematurely, curl early and causes mold and algae under your brand new shingles. This can cause more permanent damage to your decking or rafters. If you think that this has happened to you ask the contractor to remove a random shingle from the roof. If there is another shingle underneath call the police and report the scam and then call John Beal.

2. Insufficient Ice and Water Shield.

Ice and Water Shield protects the edge of your roof it protects. It acts as a waterproof barrier in the most vulnerable sections of the roof, such as valleys and other roof penetrations, to create a second line of defense. It also prevents the formation and damage caused by ice dams and ice clogged gutters.

3. No Starter Shingles

Most blown off shingles can be traced to a lack of starter shingle. Starter shingles provide a straight clean look along the edge of the roof. These complete adhered to the roof and provide a starting point for proper laying of shingles. Without a starter shingle wind would blow underneath the shingles and pull them off the roof.


Some contractors claim that stapling in shingles is quicker and easier. The facts are that they are industry standard and are not good practice. At John Beal we use inch and a quarter nails on every job. Would you rather have 3/4 of an inch holding down your shingles? ALWAYS USE NAILS.

5. No Underlayment

Underlayment should be installed anywhere that ice and water shield is not installed. This does two things: it protects the shingles from the chemicals in the wood deck, preventing early deterioration, and protects your decking from water if it gets under the shingles. This is another reason to ask the contractor to remove a random shingle at time of inspection. If there is not felt underneath the shingles then you have a problem.

At John Beal we promise that we stand for quality. We have a dedicated team that will make sure that any worry you have about roofing is put to rest. We go through every step with you along the way. We also have a highly trained quality control team to make sure that every roof we install is done professionally and to the highest standards. If you have dealt with these problems in the past and need a properly installed roof call John Beal at 314-429-6000.

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