Why Roof Ventilation is Important for Cooling Your Home

You might know the common adage “heat rises,” and chances are you’ve experienced it in your home. This excess heat can raise the temperature in your home during the summer, causing you to spend more on air conditioning in order to keep it cool. One of the best ways to combat trapped heat in your attic or upstairs rooms is to ensure your attic and roof are properly ventilated. In addition to helping your home stay cool, proper ventilation can impact the lifespan of your roofing system in a number of ways. Read more

How to Catch Roof Leaks

A roof leak is one of the more serious issues that can affect your home. A leaky roof is not only a threat to the health of your roofing system, but also the health of your family. Excess moisture can cause rot, mold or mildew, which can weaken your home’s structural integrity and give you or your family rhinitis, asthma or other respiratory issues. Water damage can also be a potential fire hazard if it comes into contact with electrical wiring. Read more

How to Spot Hail Damage

It can sometimes be difficult to know whether or not your home has been affected by hail damage, but it’s important to spot hail damage before it leads to leaks or other serious problems. Here are some places on and around your home to check for hail damage. Read more

Why Gutters Are Important

One inch of rainfall results in approximately 600 gallons of water for an average home. That’s a lot of water running off your roof—and it can cause serious problems if it’s not directed somewhere constructively. Here are a few reasons why gutters are important for every homeowner. Read more