Are lighter shingles more energy efficient?

Most homeowners choose their house’s shingle color based solely on appearance: What color compliments your paint color, what styles are approved by your homeowner’s association, and so on. But your roof’s shingle color contributes to more than just your home’s look. Something as simple as shingle color can make a difference in your home’s energy efficiency. Read more

When to Schedule a Roof Inspection

After a milder storm season, you might think you’re off the hook for roofing inspections or maintenance. However, as we’ve mentioned on this blog, it doesn’t take a severe storm to cause damage to your roof. Even the light summer hail we’ve had can be enough to initiate problem areas on your roof. Regardless of how severe the storms are in any given year, the only way to make sure your roof is in the best shape is to have a professional, licensed contractor give it a thorough inspection. Read more

How Long Do I Have to File an Insurance Claim for a Damaged Roof?

When damage to your roof occurs, it’s best to act as soon as possible – whether that means filing a claim with your insurance provider or calling a roofing contractor to assess the damage. As far as how long you have to file a claim, the short answer is: it depends. It depends on your insurance provider and it depends on the cause of the damage. In some cases, the time limit can be as little as 30 days, while other insurance providers give as long as two years. Knowing your insurance provider’s policy on new claims can make all the difference between a roof repair that is fully covered and one that is completely out of pocket. Read more