John Beal Roofing is a Mule-Hide Legacy Roofing Contractor. One of the only ones in the Midwest. This program recognizes an exclusive group of roofing professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to the success of their business through unrivaled customer service and exceptional installation quality.

The right roofing solution for your specific application (unlike some roofing contractors who use a one-roofing-technology-fits-all approach).

The right protection for your investment, including no-dollar-limit guarantees, backed by Mule-Hide Brands.
Our experts in our commercial roofing division will serve all your commercial, industrial or multi-tenant roofing needs in the Midwest. We know what it takes to meet your stringent requirements because our own standards are the highest in the industry.“Commercial Roofing” has been a mainstay at John Beal Roofing for over a decade. We have maintained hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial roofing. We also provide continual warranty programs on tens of thousands of square feet of commercial roofing.

John Beal Commercial Roofing can repair, maintain or reroof any type of commercial, industrial or multi-tenant building. Call us, we’re one of Midwest’s commercial roofing experts.  Ask about our commercial roof repair And Maintenance Program that provides you with many years of additional roof life for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. As commercial roofs age they begin to deteriorate from the top down. The Midwest’s weather plays havoc with roofing of all types and before long, without proper maintenance, the deterioration curve is so steep that re-roofing is the only alternative. We provide up to 4 years of leak-free coverage offering a single source of responsibility should you have a leak.

Call 314-429-6000 today. You can also fill out our contact form to describe your needs and learn about our commercial roof evaluations and our commercial roofing maintenance programs with a warranty. Also ask about our complete redesign and re-roofing services. All our commercial roofing options are designed to improve your bottom line.

We take pride in keeping your tenants’ virtually unaware of roofing maintenance and re-roofing activities. Our safety practices, daily clean-up, efficiency and daily “dry-in” of any open roof areas will protect your investment and your tenants possessions and goods.

Our skilled commercial commercial roofing technicians are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to meet your emergency repair, scheduled maintenance or any commercial roofing or commercial re-roofing needs.

With the advancement of technology, we became a world of trade and commerce. This is the reason why there are many commercial buildings being constructed every year. Of course, in every constructed building, it is very important that the foundation is strong. Not only that, every business man should also ensure that the roofs of their buildings are properly installed and constructed with the best materials available in the market. In this way, the company will not need to waste financial resources on roof repairs in the near future.

So, when it comes to installing your buildings roof, you have to hire the best commercial roofing contractor there is in your town. The contractor that you will hire should know everything about roofing and should be willing to help you in material selection, design selection, installation process, and of course, help you in lessening your expenses by using affordable materials but with excellent quality. In addition, it is also great if the roofing contractor that you will employ can offer free or cheap maintenance check after installation.