Commercial Metal Roofing

Commonly used on commercial buildings, metal roofs can be just as practicable as they are attractive.  Before you purchase a new metal roof, be sure to consider a free estimate.  Metal roofs can be priced competitively, especially considering how long they last.

Metal roofs are sometimes made from completely recycled material and are considered a “green” building material.  Even if you don’t care at all about saving the earth, the cost of a metal roof is a smart money saving choice.  The initial cost of a metal roof will be more than a laminated asphalt shingles roof.  Contact us to discuss the details specific to your roof.

John Beal Roofing has installed hundreds of  Metal Roofing throughout the Midwest and in St. Louis.  We are St. Louis’Metal Roofing experts and have the knowledge to complete even the largest of jobs.  Contact our dedicated commercial Metal Roofing department today to explore your options.

A Metal Roof…

  • Adds beauty to your home.
  • Is eligable for 30% tax credit
  • Saves you on maintenance costs.
  • Will not allow moss buildup.
  • Outlasts other roofing types.
  • Outlasts asphalt shingles by decades.
  • Cost of ownership over time is less than any other type of roof,
  • Has inherent energy saving benefits.  Allows less heat tranfer saving you money on heating and cooling your home.
  • Will never end up in a land fill; as metal always has, and always will be considered worth recycling.
  • Is more compatible with roof top water collection & rain barrel systems.