Roofing Contractor St Peters, MO 63376 Roof Replacement and Roof Repair in St Peters

John Beal Roofing has replaced more roofs in St. Peters, MO than any other roofing contractor in Missouri.

St. Peters Missouri has many unique and historic homes. Every one of the roofs require special attention and knowledge. Many of the roofs have copper and other metals that are historic. When hiring a roofing contractor in St. Peters, ask for referrals and view photographs of the roofing work that was done. You sure do not want to have to replace your roof twice. We have seen many roofing contractors cut corners, especially in St. Peters, MO 63123. There are also many roofing codes that need to be followed. Whether it is residential or commercial, make sure your roof meets all local building codes.

John Beal Roofing has completed many roof replacements in St. Peters, MO.

Other roofs that have been repaired or replaced are at the following locations:


Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Location Zip Code
6 Greenridge Court St Peters, MO 63376
528 Jacobs Ladder St Peters, MO 63376
8326 Mexico Road St Peters, MO 63376
1625 Claydell Drive St Peters, MO 63376
42 Savannah Hill Drive St Peters, MO 63376
707 Lorlillard St Peters, MO 63376
1702 Claydell Drive St Peters, MO 63376
40 Matador Court St Peters, MO 63376
3208 Kister Drive St Peters, MO 63376


Below is one of the roofs we have replaced: 622 Country Lake Drive St Peters, MO 63376


Crew Instructions: Tarp off the rear deck. Detach the gutter protection h/o would like to keep the old gutter protection please stack in and place on the side of the house. Tear off two layers of asphalt shingles. Install ice and water on all eaves. Start installation 148 lf of white gutter apron. Installation 91 lf of white drip edge. Start install of 1 black chimney kit on top metal. BUILD CRICKET BEHIND lower wooden base AND INSTALL COUNTER ON SIDE AND INSTALL ROOF TO WALL FOR THE FRONT PAN. Ez-Plug the two turbine vents. Start Install of 48 lf of vent sure on the main ridge of two story part. Installation one black 750 box vent. Start Install of one 2" and one 3" lead boot spray paint black.


  • Laminated - Lifetime 50 yr w/out felt, Owen's Corning, Duration, Quarry GrayRidge cap, dimensional shingles (28 LF) PRO EDGE, Owens Corning, ProEdge, Quarry Gray
  • Starter shingles (Owens Corning 100lf. per bundle)
  • John Beal Synthetic (10SQ Roll - 330LF)
  • Generic Ice & water shield (2SQ Roll - 66 LF)
  • Generic Ice & water shield (1SQ Roll - 33 LF)
  • Step Flashing (40ft per bundle)
  • Caulk, General, Geocel 2300
  • Cap Nails
  • Coil Nails- 1-1/4" Box, Economy, 1 1/4"
  • Chimney flashing, small , Generic, Standard, Black
  • Counterflashing (8 ft sections), ACM, Surface, Black
  • Roof To Wall (L) Flashing 10' Sections, Color, Black
  • Drip edge, Standard, White
  • Gutter apron, Standard, White
  • Attic Vent, Standard, 750 Slant Back Vent, Black
  • Ridge Vent (20' Roll), Owens Corning, 20' Ventsure Roll
  • EZ-Plug (12x12) for turbine vents


John Beal Roofing has completed many roof replacements in St. Peters, MO. Below is one of the roofs we have replaced 35 West Garden Walk Drive St Peters, MO 63376


Roofing: Remove 1 layer of shingles, 1 story home. Park dump in driveway and place tarp under the dump. Start install of starter shingle course on perimeter. Install felt underlay. Installation of small brown chimney flashing. Start installation of ridge vent on main ridge. Remove and plug (2) turbines. Install (1) 2 inch and (1) 3 inch lead pipe boot. Start installation of GAF Timberline, shakewood, shingles and ridge cap shingles. Ensure to pick up all trash and debris. Ensure to magnet sweep grounds for nails. Take photos and document any wood replacement.


  • GAF Timberline HD, GAF, Timberline HD, Shakewood
  • #14 GAF Timberline SEAL A RIDGE HD(1), GAF, Seal a Ridge, Shakewood
  • Roofing felt - 15 lb., Generic, Standard 15 lbs.
  • Generic Ice & water shield (1SQ Roll - 33 LF)
  • Caulk, General, Geocel 2300
  • Coil Nails- 1-1/4" Box, Economy, 1 1/4"
  • Chimney flashing, small , Generic, Standard, Brown
  • EZ-Plug (12x12) for turbine vents
  • O/C SkyRunner Ridge Vent (30' Roll)
  • Flashing, lead pipe jack 2"
  • Flashing, lead pipe jack 3"
  • Paint- Spray Can, General, Shingle Match, Brown
  • Drip edge, Standard, Royal Brown


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Donna L. St Peters, MO 63376 Leak Repair April 23, 2019

We called John Beal to look at a leak we had in our living room. They came out quickly, and made the repair in a timely manner. The person they sent out, Josh did a great job, was friendly and cleaned up before leaving. Customer service was very polite and made sure everything went smoothly.

Robert S. St Peters, MO 63376 Roof Replacement April 19, 2019

Matt was amazing to work with! When I needed to get a roof replaced from storm damage, he was quick to respond and schedule an appointment with me. On top of that, he never pressured me to work with him and humbly offered to beat any competitors rates in order to earn my business. I would recommend them any day!

Marvin P. St Peters, MO 63303 Roof Repair July 26, 2017

I had a great experience working with Kim and Lance the Roofer at John Beal Inc. Kim, who set the job up, stayed in contact with me, via phone call or email. She even sent before and after pics of the work to be completed. Lance the Roofer, is very knowledgeable in his craft, and a respectful young person. You guys keep up the good work!!!