Carbondale Cedar Shake Roofing

If you dream of turning your Carbondale home into a cozy cottage, cedar shake roofing can give your house that same comfy, rustic outward appearance, without having to move out to the woods.

Cedar shake is, as the name would suggest, made out of a variety of premium woods, including cedar. Cedar is the popular choice, as it is light in color and fits with a variety of different styles of homes. Cedar shake is usually soft red in color when it is first installed, but over time will age into a silvery gray color. Cedar shake is also known for its irregular shape and texture, but if you want a roof that is a little more standardized looking, “shake perfect” shingles are cut into a more uniform shape.

Because cedar shake roofing is made of wood, rot and mold are a more prominent concern than with other roofing materials. Cedar shake requires routine maintenance, but with that maintenance, cedar shake can last from 20 to 30 years. Cedar shake is also more flammable than other roofing materials, but some manufacturers pressure treat or coat their cedar shake with flame retardants.

Choose the cedar shake roofing Carbondale home and property owners trust most.

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