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Siding is often one of the first things someone will notice about your home, whether they realize it or not. They can’t help it. Siding covers so much of your home, it would be a challenge for them not to base their judgement on it. With all of the weather and abuse that your Carbondale siding takes, it doesn’t take long for it to begin looking tired and worn-out. So now your beautiful home, a house that you take meticulous care of both inside and out, starts to look a little dingey. People are seeing your home but missing it’s beauty – all because of some tired, old siding. The siding specialists at John Beal Roofing are here to help!t As you scour the internet for answers, you have probably discovered that there are a lot more Carbondale siding options than you previously thought. Just like it’s difficult to pick out a movie on a Saturday night, it can be just as paralyzing to choose from the wide array of sidings that exist today. That is where John Beal Roofing can help! We don’t expect you to know every detail of what you want. We understand the confusion that can set in after reading about 15 kinds of siding. We believe it is our job to act as your guide. That is the difference between John Beal Roofing and many other contractors you might encounter. Other contractors will rush through the work, cash your check, and split. For them, it’s a numbers game. The faster they can rush through your siding project, the sooner they can get onto the next one, cashing check after check with no accountability. John Beal Roofing isn’t like this. We want our customers to feel confident in their siding, knowing that it was installed properly and that, should any issues arise, that the experts at John Beal Roofing will be there. If you’re coming to us, we hope it’s only because you’ve decided your home needed a facelift and not because you’ve experienced storm damage. Coming out of your house in the morning only to realize that wind or hail have destroyed your siding can be stressful, especially with the tight belts we’re wearing in today’s economy. You start asking yourself, “How am I going to pay for siding, on top of everything else?” Thankfully, John Beal can help you to re-side your house without breaking the bank! Ask about our John Beal Low Price Guarantee! Vinyl Siding Vinyl Siding is one of the most popular options for residential homes out there, with around 30% of all homes using vinyl. That’s a big percentage! Vinyl siding has been around since the 1950s, when plastic was coming into the picture as an exciting new material. The popularity of vinyl doesn’t appear to be going anywhere, any time soon. Its both affordable and easy to install (which means that you also save time spent on installation). Vinyl siding also requires a lot less maintenance than other sidings, especially in that it doesn’t require paint. Not needing to scrape and paint your siding every 10 years is a big saver of time and energy. Vinyl siding will require some maintenance but it should be relatively minimal. Mold and dirt can develop on the siding, to giving it a wash with your hose from time to time will go a long way in maintaining the beauty of your home. Aluminum Siding Aluminum Siding is a classic siding option that can provide an excellent exterior for your home. One of the reasons aluminum siding has remained a popular option is that it’s more durable than vinyl and requires minimal maintenance. That being said, aluminum is a softer metal, leaving it susceptible to dents from hail or even dropping a ladder against it. Aluminum siding has a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, largely dependent on the gauge (or thickness) of siding you choose. Choosing a thicker gauge of metal will also make it more difficult to damage, though the greater the gauge, the more expensive your siding will be. Aluminum siding provides great protection against a variety of external forces. Aluminum provides a solid defence against rain and water, incapable of rusting unlike steel. Being metal, it’s also nearly fireproof, giving you another layer of protection against external threats that could set your home ablaze. Fiber Cement Siding Fiber Cement Siding is a type of siding you don’t hear talked about as much as vinyl or aluminum, but can provide a unique set of benefits that homeowners should know about. Fiber cement siding is typically made of cement, sand, and wood fiber. The combination of these materials provides superior insulation to your home, helping to save you money season over season. It comes in a variety of textures and can create the appearance of wood, making it an affordable alternative to natural wood, so homeowners can save money while still achieving that desired look and feel. The materials used in fiber cement also provide great protection against water, making it perfect for homes that will experience heavy rain and humidity. Which, let’s be honest, is all of them. This resistance to the elements leaves you with a lighter maintenance schedule and a lifespan that is often warrantied up to 50 years, so you can spend more time enjoying your life and less trying to keep your home looking its best. Seamless Steel Siding Seamless Steel Siding is easily one of the top choices for homeowners, and it’s a favorite of contractors as well. The reason is right in the name: “seamless.” While other siding solutions come in pre-cut lengths, leading to unattractive seams right in the middle of your home, seamless steel siding is cut to exact dimensions of your home. This makes for a much more polished looking home, which the contractors at John Beal Roofing take great pride in. Maintenance is also a benefit of seamless steel siding. With seamed siding, moisture can get in behind the siding, causing mold and rot. It’s a costly problem, only adding stress to the homeowner. With seamless steel, there is no place for the moisture to enter, possibly saving you thousands over the course of a lifetime. Stainless steel siding is also better when it comes to surface mildew, as often it’s in the crevices that mildew tends to grow. Steel is sleek and smoothing, making it largely inhospitable. Sorry, mildew!

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