Gutter Company in Springfield, MO

Gutters are a commonly overlooked part of a home, but they serve an important purpose. Not only do properly functioning gutters help keep water away from the sides and foundations of homes, businesses, and other buildings, they also prevent backflow into the roofing system which can damage shingles, boards, membranes, and other materials that make up a roof. Furthermore, regularly maintained gutters and downspouts prevent undesirable moisture from seeping into attics or basements, helping homeowners maintain a healthier environment inside their homes. Regular maintenance should also be done to ensure that debris such as leaves does not accumulate. Properly functioning gutters provide peace of mind knowing that you’re safeguarding the longevity and value of one of the largest investments you’ll make in a lifetime – your home!

How long do gutters last?

Generally, gutters have a lifespan of around 20 years. This can vary based on a few factors like the material they’re made from, the weather they endure, and whether they’ve been properly maintained. It is important to begin with high-quality materials. For example, vinyl gutters are not as durable and long-lasting as aluminum or steel gutters. Heavy storms and debris can also age gutters much faster than average. In order to keep your gutters working at their best, you should clean them out at least twice a year to prevent buildup of debris. Clogged gutters can cause water to back up on your roof which may result in leaking, water damage, and even cause mold growth.

Gutter Maintenance

Maintaining your gutters is an important part of keeping your home in top condition. The key to proper gutter maintenance is regularly cleaning them out and ensuring that any debris doesn’t block drainage from the sides of the house. You should also check for loose bolts or cracked seams on a regular basis, as these can lead to leaks which can damage walls and foundations. You may want to install gutter guards or leaf filters where applicable. Taking proactive steps like these can help keep your Springfield home well-protected from water damage and other costly repairs down the line.

When to Replace Gutters

Ineffective gutters can lead to costly water damage. There are a few indicators of when it may be time to replace your gutters. If your gutters have started to noticeably pull away from the roof, it may mean that their age has taken a toll on the mounting system and they need replacing. Over time, the weight of debris can cause gutters to sag and make them less effective. If you notice visible rust or corrosion, it’s a good idea to replace the whole system with something more durable. Another thing to look out for is water pooling near the foundation of the house, which indicates clogs and an inability to effectively move rainwater away from your home. Paying attention to these signs saves you money in the long run and will protect your home over time. 

Work with the Best Gutter Contractor in Springfield, MO

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