Kansas City Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen is quite possibly one of the most durable roofing systsems on the market, comprised of asphalt (bitumen) that has been modified with an additive like APP, SBS, or SEBS. They are particularly good for flat roofs that will experience heavy foot traffic, whether for HVAC maintenance or otherrwise. As a Kansas City modified bitumen roofing expert, John Beal Roofing recommends modified bitumen for its incredible strength, waterproofing, as well as its ability to last! The average Kansas City modified bitumen roof will last 20 or more years.

On top of its strength and longevity, Modified bitumen roofing is also one of the more affordable flat roofing solutions because of its easiness to install. Choosing a qualified and experienced roofer like John Beal Roofing will only further your chances of getting a well-installed roof for a price that won't exceed your budget!

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Reach out to the flat roofing experts at John Beal Roofing to learn more about Kansas City modified bitumen roofing and how well it will serve your property. We’ll walk the surface of your roof, providing you with our experienced advice as well as a FREE estimate. As always, our estimates also come with the John Beal Low Price Guarantee! If you can find a better quote anywhere, we’ll match it or pay you $100! See offer for more details*