Commercial Roofing Kansas City

As the owner of a commercial property in Kansas City, it’s important to protect the value of your investment. This means ensuring the roofing and the rest of the property is in the best shape possible, not only for yourself but also for the satisfaction of those who may be renting space from you. Whether you own a warehouse, office building, or multi-family apartment complex; having a properly installed roof can make all the difference. Your Kansas City commercial roofing not only protects the build itself; it protects everyone, and everything, inside of it.

When you contact the team at John Beal Roofing, we’ll schedule a time to visit your commercial space and assess the needs of the project. Is this project the result of damage or was it simply time for an upgrade? The answer to this question will play a role in what work will need to be done to the commercial roofing. While visiting your property, a John Beal contractor will examine the surface of your roof, as well as your entire property.  We’ll not only be looking at the building itself but the surrounding area, as well. We’re always trying to think ahead to any problems that could arise in the future, noting any possible complications or hazards we might find. This will help determine if you will need just a simple repair or a full replacement. If we see something that has the potential to affect the lifespan of your roof or its installation, we’ll provide you with these notes upfront. Choosing to install commercial roofing on Kansas City properties can be a big investment, so we want to make sure that you have all the information you need to make an empowered decision.

After assessing your commercial roofing in Kansas City, we’ll sit down with you to discuss the specific goals or objectives you may have for your roofing project. At John Beal Roofing, it is always our preference to work closely with customers. The more we know about your needs, the better we can meet them! We’ll talk to you about what roofing solutions are best for your space, as well as what’s best for your budget!! We’re certain that with our expertise, we can find the perfect solution to any commercial roof!

Once our contractors have an understanding of your property, along with your budget and business goals, we can dive into the specifics and make recommendations on which commercial roofing in Kansas City might serve you best! There are a variety of different roofing options for Kansas City commercial properties, so it’s important that you understand the Pros and Cons of each. Your experienced John Beal contractor will make certain that you do, acting as your guide.

What Commercial Roofing Systems We Specialize In

At John Beal Roofing, we can work with any type of commercial roofing you may have. As mentioned above, we’ll provide a repair or replacement for all types of Kansas City Commercial Roofing including warehouses, office buildings, multifamily apartment complexes, or any other commercial property around. You name it, we can work on it. Our commercial services are available for commercial roofs such as:

  • EPDM
  • Flat Roof
  • Metal Roof
  • Modified Bitumen
  • TPO

Looking for more information about our work with commercial roofing? Give us a call or contact us online. We’ll gladly answer any questions about your roofing and work with you to schedule a time for our commercial roofers to come out and take a look at your roof. 

Trusted Emergency Services for Industrial and Commercial Roofs in Kansas City

Strong weather and damages can arise at any time especially late at night. Sadly high winds, hail, or heavy rain can do immense damage to any roof and sometimes can lead to bigger damages indoors. When these problems happen, there’s always one roofing company in Kansas City that you can trust for emergency service, John Beal Roofing. Our emergency services are available 24/7 for all kinds of roofs. Any call to us will be answered by a real roofing expert to make sure we have all the information needed to get you and your commercial property taken care of. Once we’re on the roof, our commercial roofers will quickly assess the damages and act with a sound solution to start on restoration. You’ll never have to worry about severe weather and roofing damages when you work with our roofers at John Beal.

Choose the Kansas City commercial roofing experts that property owners trust most with their Roofing

With a roofing material chosen and your commercial property assessed, your John Beal Roofing contractor will then provide you with a FREE estimate. We provide every one of our customers with a quote, backed by our John Beal Low Price Guarantee! Our word is our bond: if you’re able to find a cheaper estimate of equal value for your commercial roofing, we’ll match it! If we can’t match the quote of our competitor, then we will pay you $100! See offer to learn more about our John Beal Low Price Guarantee!

For over 70 years, we’ve been the roofing choice in Kansas City for all kinds of roof repairs for commercial properties. We’ve helped Kansas City’s roofing problems for years all over both the Missouri and Kansas side of town helping commercial roofs with a solution to keep them strong and fixed for years to come. At John Beal, we make sure to keep the most professional business model possible. This means we work hard to take care of all of the families, business, and property owners that we’re working with. We price our services to beat any quote you receive for a reason. It’s because we know we can offer the best Kansas City roofing out there. We have a passion for roofing that shows every time we work on a new job, so you can assure the best possible customer service and professional commercial roofing available.

If you’re ready to get your FREE estimate and learn how our Kansas City commercial roofing is right for you, contact John Beal Roofing today to get your job done!