Commercial TPO Roofing in Kansas City

TPO roofing is a type of single-ply membrane roofing system. It is made from synthetic rubber or thermoplastic polyolefin and is reinforced with fiberglass or polyester mat. TPO roofs have been installed on flat roofs since the late 1990s and have become increasingly popular, as they provide many advantages over other types of roofing systems. TPO roofing is less expensive than PVC roofing, which makes it a popular choice for commercial buildings. John Beal Roofing is a leading roofing contractor in the installation of TPO roofs. We have installed TPO roofs on hundreds of commercial buildings throughout Kansas City, all while providing the best customer service.

Benefits of TPO Roofing

TPO roofing is a popular choice for commercial and industrial buildings, thanks to its durability and low maintenance requirements. TPO is made of rubber combined with ethylene and propylene. These materials are bonded together with fillers like talc and fiberglass, creating a very strong material. TPO can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures without splitting or cracking. Another benefit of TPO roofing is that it provides one of the thickest top-plys available. This allows it to stand up to foot traffic and reduces the level of maintenance. TPO is available in three sizes: 8’, 10’, and 12’. This provides a more custom fit to match the exact shape of your roof, reducing the number of seams. Fewer seams reduces the risk of roof leaks. The seams are heat-welded like PVC roofing, but at a lower price point. TPO is also chlorine-free and 100% recyclable, reducing roofing waste. 

How long does a TPO flat roof last?

With proper installation and maintenance, a TPO flat roof can last between 15 and 20 years. That said, the lifespan of a TPO flat roof will depend on a number of factors, including the climate, the amount of traffic on the roof, and the quality of the materials used. To maximize the lifespan of your TPO flat roof, be sure to have it installed by a reputable contractor and to perform regular inspections and maintenance.

How do you maintain a TPO roof?

Like all roofs, TPO roofing requires regular maintenance to ensure that it stays in good condition. Here are some tips for maintaining a TPO roof:

  • Inspect the roof regularly for any signs of damage, such as cracks or splitting.
  • Keep the roof clean by removing leaves, twigs, and debris.
  • Apply a sealant to the roof every few years to help protect it from UV damage and aging.
  • Repair any damage to the roof promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Be sure to have your roof inspected by a professional at least once a year. They will be able to identify any potential problems and make recommendations for repairs or maintenance. By following these tips, you can keep your TPO roof in top condition for many years to come.

Best TPO Roof Contractor in Kansas City, MO

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