Kansas City Residential Metal Roofing

An Expert Choice For Kansas City Metal Roofs

Kansas City residential metal roofing is an option that comes with many benefits to a family and their home. One of those benefits is its longevity. While the average asphalt roof lasts 15 – 20 years, metal roofing in Kansas City can last as long as 30 to 50 years! Metal roofing can be costly to install on your home, but many homeowners feel that the benefits of this roofing system make it a worthy investment. One of the reasons that metal roofing can last so long is its ability to repel water. Whether it be rain or snow, the slick surface of a metal roof easily sheds water; its panels interlocking, creating tracks to guide the elements away from your roof. This can help reduce the chance of nasty leaks, but can also keep ice dams from forming. While metal roofs can protect against ice and snow, they’re also fantastic for defending your home from the heat of summer! With residential metal roofing, your home stays cool all season long, as the metal reflects the sun away from your home rather than absorbing them!

The Benefits of Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is easy to install, which can have a cost-saving effect. Metal roofing often comes in the shape of panels or shingles, which are no problem for the expert contractors at John Beal Roofing. Metal roofing is also made of light material, which is easier on the contractors, as well as the structure of your home! Of course, metal roofing has its challenges as well. One such issue can be noise. While some people enjoy the sound of the rain pattering on their metal roof, those who are sensitive to noise may want to steer clear of this roofing solution. The gentle patter of rain can be a terrible irritation for some people, so it is important to be aware of your needs, as well as those of your family. If noise might be a problem for anyone in your home, you may wish to choose a different roofing system. Another challenge with residential metal roofing is its tendency to dent. Because of the soft and light material used for metal roofing, it is prone to denting from hail and fallen branches. It can also be dented by foot traffic, so you will want to make sure that anyone who is on your roof is careful with their footing. The contractors at John Beal Roofing have experience with stepping on metal roofs, but other people may not be so considerate. Of course, you can buy metal roofing that is dent-resistant, so talk to your contractor about the options that may be available to you. Finally, residential metal roofing does demand some degree of routine care. Much of this care comes down to rinsing your roof with a hose, removing dirt and other undesirables. While painted metal roofing can chip and flake, galvanized steel is very easy to care for and maintain.

Why Choose John Beal Roofing For Your Kansas City Metal Roofs

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