St Louis Cedar Shake Roofing

While the progress of the modern world is often a wonderful thing, some of the old ways are the best. Cedar shake roofing is a great example of this, giving homes a traditional look and feel that most modern roofing systems just can’t touch. Your John Beal Roofing contractor can tell you all about St Louis cedar shake roofing and what it can offer your home.

One of the greatest benefits of St Louis cedar shake roofing is the aesthetic that it provides your home. It adds a touch of the old world to your home, even if your home is a newer build. Despite the name, shake roofing comes in more than just western red cedar. You can find this type of roofing material in variants such as pine, cypress, and redwood: all of which provide a beautiful feel to your home’s exterior.

Of course, being made of wood, St Louis cedar shake roofing also tends to require routine maintenance. With proper care, cedar shake can last 20 to 30 years but you will need to take precautions to avoid mold and rot – especially with the type of moisture and humidity common for the St Louis region.

This kind of care can make cedar shake one of the more costly roofing solutions in St Louis, but many homeowners find that this cost in time and money is a worthy compromise for having a home that looks as cozy and quaint as one with a cedar shake roof.

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