St Louis Residential Metal Roofing

St Louis residential metal roofing is perfect for those homeowners who are looking for a roof that is long-lasting and cost-effective, with the average roof lasting 30 to 50 years! This roofing solution is affordable, easy to install, and easily protects against inclement weather: whether it be rain, snow, and the Summer’s heat. Metal roofing is an ideal choice for St Louis homeowners who never know what kind of whether their home may endure from week to week, let alone season to season!

Of course, even the best roofing materials have their challenges. For St Louis residential metal roofing, one of those challenges is noise. For those homeowners who are sensitive to noise, the sound of rain on their metal roof can be an irritation. Metal roofing is also prone to denting when faced with more severe weather like hail, though dent-resistant metal roofing is available.

If you’re interested in learning how St Louis residential metal roofing might work for your home, reach out to a professional contractor at John Beal Roofing. We’ll provide you with a FREE Estimate, along with the advice that only certified and experienced roofer can! Our estimates also come with the John Beal Low Price Guarantee! If you can find a better quote anywhere, we’ll match it or pay you $100! See offer for more details*