John Beal Roofing has installed and repaired thousands of roofs in the midwest. Find out why John Beal Roofing is one of the largest roof replacement contractors in the Midwest.

Our work is performed to the Manufacturer’s Specifications, from start to finish!

This is important to you because it guarantees that if a problem ever arises from the product of your choice, the manufacturer will stand behind it and compensate you accordingly. If the contractor does not install your roofing materials to the manufacturers’ specifications, this will void your warranty. We are well versed in industry standards of practices and continuously demonstrate a high level of customer service and satisfaction. Our commitment to excellence ensures that you can and will receive the best in service and products.

Licensing & Insurance

We provide that same expertise to our customers in Missouri, even as we comply all applicable Missouri Laws including last year’s change to the Missouri Statutes. This means that our customers are completely protected from liability for damages and injuries on the job and that you have recourse if something should go wrong with the installation. We will gladly provide you with copies of our licenses and insurance certificates. John Beal Roofing is also fully licensed in Illinois to provide commercial and residential roofing services.

Roofing Materials

We install most types of roofing and purchase our products from several quality suppliers and manufacturers. We will help you in selecting exactly the right materials for your installation.

We’re Neat

Your job site will be tidied each day and thoroughly cleaned at the completion of the job. We strive to leave each job site looking better than ever.