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Wildwood, MO is a town John Beal Roofing Wildwood knows quite well. We have replaced and repaired more roofs in Wildwood, MO than any other roofing contractor in existence. No matter what the name of other roofing companies may imply, we are still the roofing experts in Wildwood, MO.


When looking for a reputable roofing contractor to replace or repair your roof in Wildwood, MO, you want a contract that has been in business longer than 10 years. Most roofing contractors go out of business before 10 years. You also want to make sure they haven’t gone out of business and just changed their names. Unfortuanlty, many do. John Beal Roofing is the roofing contractor more property owners have used in the last 5 years than any other roofing contractor, including those in Wildwood, MO.


Some of the addresses of roofs that have been replaced or repaired in Wildwood, MO are:


Roof Repair & Roof Replacement Location Zip Code
1703 Wild Horse Creek Road Wildwood, MO 63005
16742 Wills Track Wildwood, MO 63005
18636 Rieger Road Wildwood, MO 63005
1165 Shepard Oaks Drive Wildwood, MO 63038
17656 Garden Ridge Circle Wildwood, MO 63038
2124 Saddle Creek Ridge Wildwood, MO 63005
2930 Country Point Court Wildwood, MO 63038
16314 Peppermill Drive Wildwood, MO 63005
1151 Shepard Oaks Drive Wildwood, MO 63038

#1 Roofing Contractor in Wildwood, MO for all your Roof Replacement or Roof Repair needs


One of the roofing jobs completed in Wildwood, MO was at 2172 Wildwood Meadows Court Wildwood, Missouri 63005. The following was replaced:


******Roof***** 41.99 squares off, 46.67 squares on, Owens corning duration-Driftwood, ground drop and hand load, customer does not want delivery truck on driveway because other driveways in neighborhood have been broken recently by delivery trucks delivering shingles-OK for crew to drive on driveway, 66 lineal feet of ice and water in valleys and ice and water around penetrations, synthetic underlayment, *****One box of three-quarter inch nails to be used on rear patio that has 1 inch slotted bead board exposed for nailing purposes-do not use 1 1/4 inch nails on rear porch******

346 lineal feet of starter shingles, pro edge hip and ridge shingles, closed valleys, three new lead soil stack flashings-two are 2 inch and one is a 3 inch-please paint brown, 28 lineal feet new aluminum step flashing, 14 lineal feet of new brown roof to wall metal for rear Bay window, not changing out step counter flashed material on front of house that is mortared into brick, 281 lineal feet of new white gutter apron, 65 lineal feet of new white drip edge, remove and replace 11 135 attic vents

Doan's with 11 new brown 135 dome roofing vents, remove all debris from job site and magnetically sweet property, standard warranty, handload charge in value of agreement, be careful of irrigation system The long driveway and along the street, the key to the rear area is kept under the potted plants to the left of the front door because the rear gate on right side of house is always kept locked-please put key back in place and relock once job complete, please be careful of pool, Roof has missing shingles and customer would like roof installed as soon as possible about 40°


Roofing Materials


  • Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration- Driftwood
  • #1 Owens Corning ProEdge AR - Driftwood
  • Owens Corning Shingle Starter Strip - 6 5/8" (100')
  • Alco Shield Granular Ice & Water Protector (1.95 sq)
  • Aluminum Flat Metal Flashing - 8"x8" (100 PC/BND) - Mill
  • Aluminum Roof to Wall Flashing - 3"x3"x10' - Royal Brown
  • ACM Standard Aluminum Drip Edge - 1.85" - White (10')
  • ACM Aluminum Gutter Apron - 2" - White (10')
  • Lead Pipe Flashing - 2"
  • Lead Pipe Flashing - 3"
  • Roofing Coil Nails - 1 1/4" (7200 Cnt)
  • Plastic Cap Nails - 1" (2000 Cnt)
  • Roofing Coil Nails - 3/4" (7200 Cnt)
  • Lomanco 135 Aluminum Static Roof Vent - Brown
  • Geocel 2300 Construction TriPolymer Sealant - Clear
  • GAF ShingleMatch Spray Paint - Driftwood


Another roof that was replaced in Wildwood, MO was at 376 PINE BEND DRIVE WILDWOOD, Missouri 63005. And the following roofing products were used.


Remove 56.07sq and replace 65.60sq. shingles, Remove and replace exisiting flashing, install ice and water shield an valleys and around 2' x 4' skylight on rear slope. The customer has requested that we coordinate with them the day that the area with their satallite dish (right elevation near the rear) will be removed so they can have Dish ready to re aim it and not be without the signal for too long.(do sat first day) There is a swimming pool in the rear so take care to keep the area clean. Please return all unused material to the shop.


Roofing Materials


  • Laminated - Lifetime 50 yr w/out felt, Owen's Corning, Oakridge, Driftwood
  • Starter shingles, Owens Corning, Stater Strip Shingle (100LF/BD)
  • Roofing felt - 15 lb., Generic, Standard 15 lbs.
  • Ridge cap, dimensional shingles (18 LF), Owens Corning, ProEdge, Driftwood
  • Ice & water shield (2SQ Roll - 66 LF), Owen's Corning, WeatherLock - 2 SQ


Roofing Contractor Wildwood, MO & Wildwood Roof Repair & Replacement

Our Services in Wildwood, MO:

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Chimney Repair
  • Skylight Installation
  • Window Installation
  • Gutter Repair
  • Siding Repair
  • Emergency Tarp Service
  • Re Roofing
  • Gutter Replacement
  • Siding Replacement
  • Storm Damage Repair
  • Roof Leak Repair
  • Commercial Roofing
  • Emergency Roof Repair
  • Liquid Roof Coating
John Beal Roofing is the most experienced roofer in Wildwood, MO 63038. Call us for a free estimate on a new roof in Wildwood 63005
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