A Big Thank You From John Beal!

Thank You For This Opportunity

Most people may not know this about me, but I was born in St. Louis, raised in St. Louis and live in St. Louis. My family has been helping property owners in St. Louis for three generations. Giving a local, family owned and operated company an opportunity really does mean a lot. Thank you!

My grandfather helped engineer and build portable bridges for the U.S. Army in Europe during World War II. In 1947, he used this incomparable experience to start his own business. My dad followed in his footsteps, and I have been doing it my whole life. When you choose John Beal Roofing to do your project, you are choosing a family with over 60 years of pride and tradition behind it. You have my personal guarantee that we will treat you fairly and honestly.

“Like always… I promise you the very best job for your money! Thank you and we truly do appreciate your business.”

Thank you for your business,

John Beal



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