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John Beal Roofing has been providing reliable roofing services in Richmond Heights for over seven decades. We employ a team of experienced, skilled craftsmen ready to tackle commercial and residential projects of any size. From emergency roofing repair to full roof replacements, you can depend on us for quality at a great value. What sets John Beal apart from other roofing companies is our commitment to excellence, with industry-leading materials, exceptional workmanship, and superior customer care. From start to finish, we communicate clearly to ensure a seamless job every single time. Choosing John Beal Roofing makes perfect sense when you need a reliable Richmond Heights roofing contractor.

Residential Roofing in Richmond Heights

Residential roofing is essential for protecting homes from the elements and maintaining a structure’s integrity. Not only does it help keep you and your family dry in rain and snow, but it also serves as additional insulation for temperature regulation and energy savings. Different roofs have different life cycles, but with proper maintenance and routine inspections, a well-constructed roof can last for decades. Roofing materials are selected based on factors such as durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetics. Our Richmond Heights roofing company is experienced in working with the following roofing materials: 

The right materials and installation techniques are paramount to having a strong, long-lasting roof over your head. The team at John Beal Roofing can help Richmond Heights homeowners choose the right material and perform necessary maintenance services and roof repairs to ensure that your roof will last.

A residential neighborhood.

Commercial Roofing Contractor in Richmond Heights

One of the most crucial aspects of a commercial building is its roof. It not only protects the contents of your facility, but your employees and customers as well. It’s important that your roof is in good conditions at all times. With the help of professional roofers like John Beal, your business can take advantage of commercial roofing services that extend the life of your roof, provide insulation for optimal temperature control, and countless other benefits to ensure the longevity of their building. We work with a variety of commercial roofing materials, including:

The choice of roofing material and system depends on several factors including the building’s design, location, and intended use, as well as budget and energy efficiency considerations. An experienced commercial roofer will evaluate the structure of your property in Richmond Heights, Missouri to adequately assess its needs before helping you choose the best option. Contact John Beal Roofing today for a free estimate on your next Richmond Heights roofing job!